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Foreclosure Investing Profits Soar as FHA Lending Guidelines Relax

Between the soft market, the new FHA lending guidelines, and the lack of competition, there’s a ‘three-way-dance’ for the title of ‘biggest thing helping you make a ton of money in Real Estate’ right now.

This is a very time sensitive and special report, and the market factors are an opportunity that presents itself right now that will not be around forever.

Here, in no particular order, are the three biggest factors sending Foreclosure and Preforeclosure Investors’ profits through the roof right now: 

     Number 1: Notice of Default and Lis Pendens (Foreclosure) rates are at record highs!

More properties than ever before are slipping through Sellers’ fingers! With longer days on market, frustrated real estate agents unable to get properties sold, and mounting rates of default, investors now are FLOODED with Sellers who need help!

And the best part is, now it’s easier than ever to get paid- very well- for helping people out of a very bad situation!

 And on top of that, because of all the Foreclosures thay are taking back, banks are discounting debt- that is, accepting less than what they are owed, as full payoff of the mortgage or Deed of trust. And they’re doing it now more than ever!

It’s called a ‘Short Sale,’ and it’s the hottest thing going right now for making huge paychecks on pretty houses in beautiful neighborhoods! Imagine how many deals there are when you can buy houses for LESS than what the seller owes!

            It’s really that powerful, and it’s actually very simple, once you understand just a few guidelines.


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     Number 2: FHA has relaxed their lending guidelines.

Despite the media’s ranting to the contrary, more people than ever can qualify for a loan to buy a house. And because prices and rates are low, people who would have been priced out of the market by high interest rates are buying houses left and right!

And as FHA relaxed their lending guidelines, a number of “me-too” lenders followed suit. Loans that would have been sub-prime a few years ago are now considered “conventional”!

I recently sold a property (7 Day Sale) to a Buyer who got 103% financing- WITH A 510 CREDIT SCORE and A BANKRUPTCY 14 MONTHS AGO!

No one with a bit of sense in their heads would loan this guy $20, but a bank just wrote him a check for $312,000 to buy a house- that they KNOW only appraised for $303,000!

It’s ridiculous! Especially since 99% of the rest of the world thinks mortgages are impossible right now!

     #3: The market has the competition packing up and going home.

That leaves US as the only source of clean, safe, affordable housing for people who need a flexible seller- and netting US top dollar for Real Estate!

The market has “thinned the herd”, and reduced the competition, and that combined with the flood of great deals and easy financing for our buyers has those of us who apply just a few simple techniques raking it in while everyone else just sits around and complains!

Right now is the best time in many years to make a fortune in pre-foreclosures. You now have the ability to buy more Foreclosures and Preforeclosures than ever, and Sell them at record speed for huge checks!

Enjoy it while we can, and you too can just laugh at all the scared, whiny, un-educated people who just don’t know how to profit from this market!


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