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Free Real estate Investing Report and MP3- “Ugly House Profit Machine”

I just added the first of the case studies of some of the deals people are doing using the first of my “Profit Machine” Strategies.


Using the techniques i taught him, this guy made $19,074… with a total of $20 invested… and then in 10 hours work he added another $27,000!

I did a full length interview with him, and I made him explain how he did it in COMPLETE
detail. It’s like a mini-seminar, with case studies, copies of checks, an e-book, and a full-length audio that explains how to use my “Ugly House Profit Machine” System to make BIG bucks starting from absolutely ZERO.

Check it out free at: www.realestateprofitmachine.com

This Case Study #1 E-Book, plus the 31-minute audio, plus the “Real Estate Myth” E-book/report, PLUS “The Real EstateProfit Machine” Report are  all free- but i don’t know how long I can keep it available.

It’s officially released to the public, and over 27,514 people are hearing about it right now! You might want to get it now before they all flood the site!


Over 1,226 people (and counting) have downloaded the first two reports already… in 24 hours… imagine now that
there’s a free “How to” MP3! Things might get a little crazy!


Here’s to your Success!

– Jason

P.S. Not only are this report, MP3 and the other two full length reports getting MAD heat from the subscribers, but I’ve gotten “Thank You”‘s and pats on the back for FINALLY spilling the beans and telling the straight truth about what it takes to be successful in Real Estate.

Watch out for my next e-mail, I’ll be giving you a chance to sign up for an EXPLOSIVE Teleseminar.

P.P.S. The “Real Estate Profit Machine” Launch is scheduled for Friday at 12:00 EST. I’ll tell you about a way that you can get a “sneak peak”, but it’s only if you’re on the VIP Pre-Launch List. So make sure you go to the site and sign up now!

More in my next post… 😉

Free Report- Shattering the Real Estate Myth

I’m just putting the finishing touches on a brand new “tell-all” report called:

     “The Real Estate Myth!”real estate myth report cover

This report will ROCK the very foundation of what you’ve been taught about Real Estate Investing. In it, I’ll show you why:

** “Real Estate Investing” is Like Driving a Model T Ford in a NASCAR Race

** What you HAVE to do today if you want to still be around tomorrow…

** The Two BIGGEST Mistakes You Could Ever Make (Both taught by MANY of the so-called “Guru’s”), And the ONE THING You Can Do to Make Sure You Never get Caught in Their Trap!

This Expose report is in the finishing stages, and will be released to the public in the next few days. In fact, the domain name hasn’t come online yet, so I set up a special page just for you at: www.7DaySaleGuy.Com/myth

I wanted to give you a “sneak peak” head start on them as a “thank you” for being a subscriber. That way, you’ll
be one of the first to know about it.

Until then, I have a special “sneak preview” for you- a special report called, “How to Create Your Own Real
Estate Profit Machine!”

This report will SHATTER the way you think about life, money, and investing, and I went ahead and included it
becuase I think it’s the perfect warmup for “The Real Estate Myth” report.

To get the sneak preview report, get on the pre-launch list for “The Real Estate Myth” Report, and get
FREE access to the audios and videos (all free) as they are released, go now to:


Make sure you click that link, or copy and paste that link into your browser, and get the “sneak peek”
free report right away!

It will COMPLETELY change the way you look at Real Estate Investing, and show you an easier way to make BIG money investing than rehabs, rentals, and the old, slow ways of investing most “Guru’s” teach!

There’s nothing for sale in that report- it’s a “mind-opener”, and it’s without charge or even commercial message.


And here’s a little taste of what you’ll get in “The Real Estate MYTH” report:

** Why the REAL the money in Real Estate is NOT in the cashflow.  The money is in the XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXXXXX.
(You’ll have to read the free report to find out!)

** How to Get your SELLERS to finance all of your marketing, so it won’t cost you ANYTHING (you’ll actually get paid just to market to them)!
** The “covert” deal-finding system I’m using that CRUSHES ANY direct mail, bird dog, phone, or website system in response.

** Sneaky “Ninja” marketing tactics that humiliate traditional direct marketing methods (Just one of these methods has created a $300,000 a year business for one student in less than 12 months!)
** Pictures and examples of what is and isn’t working now in our business.
** AND, Most Importantly… The answer to overcoming “The Real Estate Myth…”

This FREE report will show you how regular folks from all walks of life are using a simple system to from a cold start to
$100,000 cash-money-in-the-bank in LESS than 12 months, and I GUARANTEE You’ll Be Working Less Hours Than You Do Now at ANY J.O.B.!

To get this complementary report, make sure you go now to:

Here’s to your success!

– Jason Loucks

P.S. Once you go to at www.7daysaleguy.com/  keep your eyes peeled for not one but TWO new reports, a new “case study” audio of one student who used $10 and one “Profit Machine” technique to go from $20,000 in debt to a $300,000 a year business in 12 months, and a STUNNING video where I’ll show you a technique that has made over $1,140,000 so far THIS year… and it’s only MARCH!

Go now to: www.7daysaleguy.com/myth

and get this free report!