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Barack vs. McCain Housing or, “Oh, thank goodness, the government is going to save us!

If you’ve been reading this blog or getting my e-mails for any length of time, you know that I’ve been watching the Government bailout story develop for a long time.

In fact, before I started writing this e-mail, I checked, and I first reported on the proposed bailout in November of 2007!!

 Back then I don’t think I’d ever even HEARD of Barak Obama. That was back when everybody just assumed he was a Muslim, and he was only known for one speech.

 And I knew who John McCain was only because he’s the guy who put those “warning- explicit lyrics” stickers on all my 50 Cent records 😉

 Oh yeah, and he tried to ban the UFC back when there really weren’t any rules.

Anyway, here’s the REAL deal-

Markets go up and markets go down. We’ve been on this ride before, and smart investors make money in BOTH markets.

If you’d like to get a free CD that shows how to clean up on the BOOM in forelosures in THIS market, just visit:


And RIGHT NOW is the “Storm BEFORE the Calm”.

That’s right, storm first.

Why do I say that?

Because once the Government screws up whatever they’re going to screw up next, it’s not going to SOLVE anything, it’s just going to POSTPONE it.

Like a band-aid on a bullet wound!

Anyway, smart, trained investors are cleaning up right now while the scared, timid ones are running home and crying to momma.

Fine with me.

I’ve had my share of whiners who think they are our competition! I think this herd could use a little thinning.

Besides, being successful isn’t a right. It’s a choice.

Even the US Constitution only gives you the right to PURSUE, not have it handed to you.

And I’ve made it my life’s work to help those who choose to be successful, regardless of what the talking heads say, what your broke friends think, and especially regardless of what the government SAYS they’ll do.

If you want to get started being the Lion, and not the gazelle for once, I just had a new batch of  “Foreclosure Profit Machine” CD’s pressed, and you can get one just for the s+h.

Just check out: http://www.preforeclosureProfits.com/FreeCD.html

There are enough Lions on this newsletter list that I KNOW they will be gone fast!

Here’s to your success!

– Jason

P.S. By the way, ask any rich person over the age of 40 (old enough to have seen this before!) what to do to make money right now and you know what they say?


Remember the Savings and Loan bailout? How about the RTC?

Mmm Hmmm. Yup.

I’ve heard this song before.

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Get the free CD and find out how YOU can help clean up this mess, and make YOUR fortune doing it!

Hurricane Warning- Hurricane LANA!

Sorry if Laura and I haven’t gotten back to you as soon as we usually would have.

In just the last week or so, we’ve moved houses, moved offices, and did it all during Hurricane Gustav, Tropical Storm Hanna, now Hurricane Ike, and soon enough it looks like Hurricane Josephine.

Whew! But none of that is anywhere NEAR as life changing as…

The birth of BABY LANA!!

Baby Lana is perfect, adorable, and wonderful!!

She was born late last week and I am so excited!

Laura is now doing fine and back on her feet, and thank you to everyone who sent their best wishes for her speedy recovery.

I am so psyched to be a Dad!

Anyway, thanks everyone for understanding why we’ve been a little “out of it” for the last few weeks. We’ve been really busy, the Internet didn’t even get installed in the new office until today.

We’ve been having all the normal “moving hassles” plus 4 major Storms, one tough labor and a brand new baby!!

Thanks for your understanding, and your kind words and wishes for Laura. They are much appreciated!

Things should be just about back on track, and we’ll be catching up on anything we missed over the next little while.


– Jason

P.S. I’m going to do something crazy to celebrate!!
I don’t know what yet, but it will BIG!

I’ll let you know when I figure it out!