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7 GOOD Things About the BAD Economy

I thought you might be tired of hearing the woes of the
bad economy, so I thought I’d bring you some of the GOOD
news this economic turn has caused.

Here they are, in no particular order:

#1: Gas is Down
Now that the Global economy is in the tank, and not just
the US economy, oil prices have dropped 50% in the last
3 months, from $147/barrel this summer to under $70 now.

No more $75-$100 fill-ups, the national average for a
gallon of gas is under $3, with an average of $2.78,
and should stay under $3 at least through next year.
Heating costs are way down, too, lower this year than last.

#2: Cars are cheaper.
Not only are car makers madly pushing hybrids and
alt-fuel cars, which will help us ween off of foreign
oil, desperate dealers are cutting prices, and offering
incredible financing and ourageous incentives.

Even Camries are offering 0% financing- and they’re the
most popular cars in the US.

And if you’ve always wanted a truck or an SUV, the
discounts they are pushing now are irresistible.

Here’s where it gets interesting for us:

#3: Interest Rates Are Low and Headed Lower
The prime rate is 4.5%, and interest rates on Home equity
Lines and Home mortgages- even some consumer loans and
business loans- are way down.

The average interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate
mortgage is 6.5%, not far off of the historic lows
of 5.8%, and a far cry from the highs of 18+%.

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Back to the 7 good things:

#4: Homes Are More Affordable
On top of lower prices, Real estate that was overpriced
during the bubble has crashed, and while that’s bad news
for those who bought at the peak, it’s good news for
owner-occupants and cashflow investors who were priced
out of the market, but are now coming back.

And despite the headlines about credit-crunches and
dried up credit, the reality is banks have returned
to sensible lending standards that got tossed by
reckless lenders.

Qualifying for a home loan now requires- GASP!- enough
income to make the payments, good credit and a reasonable
debt-to-income ratio.

Kinda sounds like it was BEFORE the mania, huh?

And both of these, combined with the fact that the
Dollar is on the rebound, make it high time for you to
get out there and make it happen!

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#5: The Dollar is Gaining, and Deposits are Extra-Insured
The $700-billion bailout ups FDIC insurance on deposits
from $100,000 to $250,000 and an October addition to the
plan secures all- non-interest bearing business accounts
100%, regardless of balance.

That means that small business deposits, at least those
that pay no interest, which is most of them, get complete
coverage. Even money market accounts get some insurance
under the new rules.

So once you make your money, you can keep it somewhere
other than stuffed under your mattress!

#6: New Leadership
While CNN and Fox News argue daily over who’s going to
win this November, regardless of who, the election of
a new President should give the shaky financial markets
a good 3-6 months of much needed stability.

This will help both lenders and those buyers who’ve
been too skittish to jump on now-affordable homes.

You DO have properties to sell them, right?

If not…


#7: Cheap Holiday Presents
Online or off, retailers are pushing hard to compete
for your business. Techies get ready- some of the
best deals for everything from cameras to laptops
to plasma TV’s will be at all-time low pricing
beginning Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

And if you get started now, you could easily have
your first deal- and your first check- in time to
blow it all on egg nog and stocking stuffers 😉

I thought that might make you feel a little better
about this so-called “bad Economy”!

Here’s to Your Success-

– Jason

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