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Waht’s Your’n Angle, Boy??

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the 4,000 layoffs from Bank of America, and the 60,000+ pending from Citibank.

That raises the unemployment rate to 6.5%, and things haven’t been this bad in the job market since 2003.

***** WAIT! What!?!? *****

I remember 2003.

Things were pretty good, if I recall.

Add in the three more banks that have gone bankrupt due to this “horrible” economy, and that brings the total to 22 banks down…

… OUT OF 8,500!

That’s right, 22 down out of over EIGHT THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED FDIC insured banks.

About 1/4 of 1 percent- less than 1 out of 350.

And even those were fully backed by the FDIC, so all deposits were safe. In fact, they were bought by other banks who wanted to expand.

I don’t really know WHY the bigwigs and the media have such an agenda to push this whole thing, but they sure do.

I thought we were over this now that the election is over!

Anyway, yesterday I sent you an e-mail about how, despite all the “doom and gloom” spouted by the talking heads at the Communist News Network, the economy isn’t doing as bad as they say.

… Gas is $2/gal.
… Cars are cheap
… the dollar is coming back against the pound and the euro
… standard of living is at an all time high

It’s up to each of us individually to decide if we are average- and subject to the whims of whatever catastrophe happens next to the “average” people, or we are above average, and able to create our own destinies.

And frankly, I’m not all that thrilled about the idea of a bunch of politicians passing new laws, bills, and other rights-stripping edicts, especially since it’s their ridiculous meddling that STARTED this whole thing.

I also mentioned that I created a CD you can have for free (just sport the s+h) that explains how I and TONS of other successful investors are piling up the profits right now, in this market, without any G-Man’s help.


This is new run of 300 “Foreclosure Profit Machine” CD’s, and I’m making them available for free, if you cover postage, and over 85 people requested one between noon yesterday
when I sent the e-mail and 4 O’clock when I last checked.

I think I might have shocked the political-minded folks with my recent blog post when I reminded them that I’ve been following and reporting in this e-zine about the
“Housing Bailout” and banking shenanigans since November of 2007!!

Or maybe it was when I said I remember when John McCain was the guy who put the “Warning- Explicit Lyrics” stickers on my gangsta-rap records. 😉

You can check out that CD here:  http://www.PreforeclosureProfits.com

Back to Real Estate…

Recently I talked to a student of mine in New Jersey that just cashed a $124,000 paycheck from a foreclosure deal.

I just closed one myself for over $450,000 and I could give you a list as long as my arm in 2 point font of people who are using the EXACT techniques I share on that CD to RAKE IN the bucks in this market while HELPING OTHERS.

That last part is nice, especially if, like me, you happen to have a conscience.

And I know that if I help YOU sort through the B.S. and the hype and start to clean up this foreclosure mess, we can help a ton MORE people and get rich in the process.

That’s why I’ve been having them run these CD’s as fast as you guys are snapping them up!


Might want to get one of this batch before they go on back order and you have to wait a few weeks. I didn’t realize how much demand there was when I sent out yesterday’s e-mail.

Besides, the price is right!

– Jason

P.S. When it comes to the doom and gloom sellers on the idiot box, well, I guess “idiot box” sorta sums up how I feel about it.

Like I said, we’ve heard this song before.

Are banks going out of business? Yup.

Foreclosures piling up? Uh-Huh.

Rich people buying real estate while poor and uneducated people stick their heads in the sand and cry about it?

That one too, Mmm- Hmm.

Everyone is self-made, but only successful people admit it.


Jason Loucks, care of:
Home Financing Options
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Palm Springs, FL, 33461

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P.S. There is a sneaky, dastardly, underhanded reason for me sending you this stuff for free. (gasp! 🙂

One person and two guests who were registered can’t make it to the “Ultimate Foreclosure LIVE 2008” Bootcamp.

This is the same event that sold out in 25 minutes a few weeks ago.

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