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Will 2009 Be YOUR Year?

We’ve gotton a MASSIVE response to my ALL NEW “Done For You” Real Estate Coaching program.  

That’s where I’m taking just a handful or two of people, working One-on-One with them to set up their Investing business, and working closely with them to build their income in 2009 to set them up financially for life.

If you’re in, I’m going to set up your business for you, find you the best deals, line up your financing for you, get someone to answer your phone and do your detail work…

… all of that done for you.

You just do the deals and cash the checks.

Go here to get the details:  http://www.preforeclosureprofits.com/jumpstart.html

You know something funny? The nunmber one question people ask me about this program is: “Jason, why would you do all this for me?”

The answer is- “Because it’s the simplest, fastest way for me to guarantee your success.”

 Because I’ve seen a lot of people get some great training, have all the fire and passion and the tools to make it happen, then i talk to those same people a while down the road, and somewhere between information and implementation they got off track.

Not anymore. Now, instead of leaving your first event with me with a head full of ideas, you’ll be leaviung with a complete business, leads ready for you to close ’em, and a 97% automated system you can run in just 4-12 hours a week, depending on how much you want to make.

And because of the fact that I’ll basically be doing most of the
“Heavy Lifting” for you, space for this new program is very limited.

We’re talking only a very limited number of of people, so I can work One-on-One with everyone.

And if you’re even slightly interested in having me create your entire business for you, from scratch, and work closely with you to make serious money in Real Estate, then this may be the golden opportunity you’ve been looking for. 

It’s going to be a wild ride and I’d love to have you in on it!

If you want to make this happen now and be guaranteed a spot, just immediately go to:


and reply to this quick application and leave me your number and either me or someone on my staff will give you a call and go over the details.

Yes, it does require a financial commitment, but it’s not as much as you think, and depending on your situation, you could have your entire investment back very quickly.

I may even pay you back myself, if you follow the plan.

Here’s the application.


Talk soon,


P.S.  I can’t stress enough how important this could be for you because if you miss it, the door is shut on this so you need to be ready to act if you want in.   

My next event is already over 75% full, and i can’t overfill it because of the One-on-One nature of it and how much I’m just goping to do for you!

Once again, fill out this quick application and I’ll handle
the rest.   Thanks!