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I’m Breaking My Vow of Silence

I’m Breaking My “Vow of Silence”.

 Here’s the details:


As you probably know, I’ve become something of a “hero” to Real Estate investors from all over the country who are using my Foreclosure systems and strategies to bring in Millions and Millions each year.

What you may not know, is that for the last 3 years, I’ve been testing and streamlining a Secret system to “harvest” money from “hidden” foreclosure deals- the kinds of deals not 1 investor in 1,000 knows about-

 working just 4 hours a day, 3 days a week!

I’ve kept “hush-hush” about until now, because I wanted to make sure that A) it would work all over the country and the world, and B) that it truly was as good as it seems!

And Thursday Night, I’ll be breaking my “Vow of Silence”, and revealing my “ULTIMATE Foreclosure Profit Machine” to A very small group.

To get the details, time, and call-in number, go to:


I’ll be sharing the Insider’s secrets you need to know about “Preforeclosures” “Foreclosures” and “Short Sales”, and how to implement my proven systems for each that made me over $800,000 in my first year using it, and a multi-millionaire in less than 3 years.

All in all, 9 different Foreclosure, Preforeclosure, and REO Systems will be explained, including:

* How to Get UNLIMITED FREE Pre-Foreclosure Leads

* How to Find the Best, Most Profitable Deals in Your
Area, and Control Them With No, or Very Little, Money
of Your Own in the Deal- and no Banks or Financing of
Any Kind Needed.

* How to Safely and Legally use Existing Financing to
Fund Foreclosure Deals- Even In Places Where they Told
You It’s Not Possible

* How and When to Work WITH the Foreclosing Lenders,
and Get Them to Agree to Lower Payments, Waive Back
Payments, and Be Friendly and Responsive to You, Instead
of Nasty and Cold Like They Are to Everyone Else.

* How to Get a Short Sale Through, Even If the Bank
Already Said, “NO!”

* How to Get Around the Loss Mitigation Department, and
Get Someone Else to “OK” Your Rock Bottom Price Offer

* How to Short Sale a House, and lock in your profits,
without a nickel out of pocket EVEN IF YOU’VE NEVER MET

* How to Profit From Foreclosures- Even If The Seller
Won’t Work With You!

* How to Buy Houses at Auction- WITH NO MONEY and NO

and Never Need to See.

* How to Buy Pre-Foreclosures THROUGH THE MAIL!!

Profitable Strategy For Buying As Many Bank Owned
Properties (REO’s) as You Wish, and Flipping Them
For Cash at Closing- and ***Yes, I Know “They” Told
You It’s Not Allowed! THEY Are WRONG!***

To get the details, time, and call-in number, go to:


This powerful training could easily be sold for $97 – $297 or more, but for the first 250 to register, this call is completely FREE! Your only expense will be the long-distance charges to make the call.

Here’s to Your Success!!

   – Jason Loucks

P.S. If you’ve ever wanted to get the best deals- and to understand how all the pieces of the Foreclosure puzzle work, and work together, this call is a must.

Don’t let the hype or the hysteria fool you- Foreclosures are without a doubt the biggest source of the best deals in Real Estate in the Last 60 Years… But there’s a  catch-
you MUST know how to tap in!

So go now to:

and get all the details about the call and the call in number, and I’ll see you on the call!

Real Estate Back in the News

I just saw an article on AOL’s “News” page about how many Investors are buying Real Estate NOW- while huge bargains exist and mortgages are at all-time low rates.

It’s starting…  again.

The tide is turning, and you can bet your patooty that if AOL is writing stories about it, it won’t stay “secret” for long.


And the article went on to add that if you want to get your “Dream Home”, now is the time, and Foreclosures are the best way to get a big discount.

I couldn’t agree more, but THAT secret won’t last much longer, either.

If you’d like to get a full-length CD about how YOU can tap into the huge torrents of low-priced Foreclosures, go now to:


and check out the free CD (just for s+h).

I’ll even throw in a TON of articles, reports, e-books, and interviews- including how you can sell these deals in just 7 days once you find ’em. All for just the shipping and handling.

Check it out at that site.

Here’s to your success!

– Jason

PS- The “cat is out of the bag” so to speak, and frankly, if you don’t get committed to learning how to profitably buy foreclosures soon, we’ll be back to bidding wars and other Hot-Market nonsense before you know it.


Move quickly or regret slowly. There are no other choices.