Warren Buffett on Real Estate

Lots of people consider Warren Buffet to be the best stock market Investor, maybe even the best Investor of any kind, and here he is recommending REAL ESTATE!

He straight out says, for beginning Investors or those without a HUGE business around them, Distressed Real Estate is the way to go.

Ha! I’ve been saying that for years! (I tried Stocks, Options, and a LOOOTTTT of  other crap before I started making REAL money in Real Estate!)

Imagine if he knew what we know about doing these kinds of deals without “being handy” or having “management nightmares”.

If this doesn’t give you the swift kick-in-the-butt you need to jump in and do this, I don’t know about you 😉

By the way, in a couple of days I am releasing a new video showing how you can get Cash at Closing from Real Estate, starting from scratch, without being handy or managing any tenants.

Seriously. It won’t be available to the public for a couple of days, but here’s a back door link, only for people checking out Warren’s video. You can see it first here.


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