Successful Student Interview: Bunny Price’s REO Success

I just did a great interview with a student who recently made over $60,000 profit (from a $129,000 house)!

In the interview below, you’ll hear how she ignored the real estate agent nonsense to buy this bank owned property for HALF of what the bank was asking!

If you’re wondering how YOU can tap in to this market and find DIRT CHEAP deals that you can flip quickly for big profits, check out this interview:

REO Investing Success

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How to Buy Foreclosures For 2% of Market Value

I just got another testimonial from a student who used one of my “hidden deals” foreclosure techniques to buy a foreclosure worth $175,000 (maybe more!) for just $3,375…

… and now she owns it FREE and CLEAR!!

That’s over $170,000 PROFIT on ONE SMALL HOUSE DEAL! It doesn’t take many of those to get where you’re going, huh?

That’s the power of these “hidden” deals not one Real Estate Investor or Foreclosure Investor in 1,000 knows about!

If you want to hear how YOU can do these kind of high profit, NO COMPETITION deals, with no money down, no borrowing money, and WITHOUT advertising costs or ever even talking to (or negotiating with) a seller, filling out any paperwork, or dealing with tenants EVER, go here:


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Seriously, these deals are everywhere, hiding in plain site. No dealing with real estate agents, REO’s and their nonsense, no Short Sale headaches or paperwork, and no dealing with sellers or banks or loss mitigators at all.

And before you think this was some horrible place in the middle of nowhere, or a nowhere town with no competition for deals, you should know- it was a Townhouse in Boca Raton, Florida, and the recent comparable sales are $175,000 to over $200,000!

Sell it, keep it (there’s no monthly mortgage payment after all), all her options are open. I really can’t overstate how powerful this ONE technique is, and it’s just one of NINE I talk about in the Ultimate Foreclosure Course.

Once you understand these types of “hidden” Foreclosure Deals, you’ll see why I can get a little “lazy” when it comes to doing other kinds of deals. You’ll understand why I “pass” on some of the REO properties and Short Sale Investments that other Foreclosure Investors fight over.

Don’t get me wrong, REO’s and Short Sales can make you a lot of money, but not the high-competition, low-profit way most foreclosure investors try to do them.

Once you know how, you’ll just let them fight over the pain-in-the-butt deals, and take the bigger, easier, more profitable foreclosure deals for yourself! You’ll like these hidden Foreclosure deals better- because there’s almost no competition and because they’re so easy!

When people ask why I don’t just give you this stuff right here on the blog, I tell them exactly why- this technique is so powerful, but only for a small number of people. There are only so many deals like this, and I sure as HECK don’t want the “general public” to water this down and compete with you and me.

Besides, you get to use the course for 3 months and either make money with it or it’s free. I also don’t want the copycats who can’t even be bothered to get and listen to the course to be able to compete with you and me, or worse, splash it all over the internet and mess it up for everyone.

So this technique, like all 9 that I teach, is only for those who are serious (at least a little bit) and prove it! If that sounds like you, click here: http://www.PreforeclosureFortune.Com/e/FreeCD.html

The CD and ALL of the bonuses are free. All I ask is that you help out with the postage and handling. It’s my way of PROVING to you how awesome this training is without you risking anything.

So you win, and I win! Is that fair or what?